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About me

When I was young growing up in Florida I used to watch my grandfather restore old photographs. He must have had a big inflence on me, because since then I have had a passion for photography. My dad helped fuel this passion as I got older. I remember when I was young, he and I would drive around Punta Gorda with an old film Minolta taking black and white photographs of whatever we could find. My favorite thing I remember photographing as a kid were burrowing owls. (To this day I still love owls!)

As I got older, I still loved photography but it often took a backseat to school and just growing up in general. However, my love for the art came back full swing while I was in college. I attened Mesa State College in Grand Junction studying mass communications. While other students interned with the local newspaper or radio station I decided to take a different path. I sought out a photography who ran her own small business; Renee Parks of Naturally Red Photography took me under her wings. The internship only lasted a few months, but the skills she taught me will last a lifetime.

Since then I have moved a few different times and took a few different jobs, but photography has remained my biggest passion. I enjoy the feeling of being behind the camera and the feeling I get when I give someone their photos.

In my spare time-- which is very little sometimes-- I like to go on hikes with my boyfriend or play fetch with my fur baby, Baelfire. I am a movie and TV junkie and am always open to new suggestions on what I should be watching. Playing games is my favorite-- whether it be board games, card games, video games or anything in between. I love meeting new people and I hope to meet you soon.